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Robert E. McMichael, M.D.

Dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of patients who have neurological disorders


Electroencephalography (EEG)

We perform standard EEG (brain wave) studies as well as ambulatory EEG studies in which a patient goes home and wears a recorder for 24 to 72 hours for extended evaluation.

Electromyography (EMG)

We perform EMG studies in the office.  These are special studies on nerves and muscles done to diagnose neuropathy, muscle disease, carpal tunnel syndrome, low back problems, and neck problems.

Sleep Disorders

The North Texas Sleep Disorders Center performs comprehensive sleep diagnostic testing for sleep disorders.   We perform the clinical assessment, start therapy, and follow patients long-term.  Treatments include CPAP and BiPAP therapy, medications for sleep-wake disorders, and life-style modifications to improve both sleep and wakefulness.

Centers of Excellence

North Texas Sleep Disorders Center - Sleep Center Website

The North Texas Sleep Disorders Center is an accredited member center of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.  We provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for sleep disorders, including polysomnograms, multiple sleep latency tests, maintenance of wakefulness tests, home sleep studies, and actigraphy.  We prescribe CPAP systems and provide long-term treatment and follow up for sleep apnea, narcolepsy, insomnia, restless legs, and other sleep disorders.

Texas Neuromuscular Center - Neuromuscular Center Website

At the Texas Neuromuscular Center we provide diagnosis and treatment for nerve and muscle diseases of all types.